Our Program

Our Program


New Gateways, Inc. offers a variety of programs to help enhance your independence and enjoyment. You will be given an opportunity to change your schedule so you can experience new and exciting opportunities.

You will have many activity options while at New Gateways. You may want to involve yourself in Health & Beauty. We provide manicures, hair washing, hair cuts (with permission from client or guardian), pedicures, and fashion fun. We play group games, movies, computer games, arts and crafts, and party planning. We offer weekly community outing opportunities; trips to shopping malls, local parks, fishing, casinos, art projects, visiting other programs to see old friends, shopping for micro business supplies, bowling, picnics, museums, sporting events, attending seminars where we sell our crafts and many more community events.

We have Pre Micro Enterprising projects on each team where we do shredding, make lanyards and jewelry to sell at seminars, take our popcorn machine into the community and sell popcorn, make and sell lunches to guests, etc. In good weather we may wash vans and cars.

At least once a week we have dance class in the halls.

We offer Pet Therapy.

We celebrate all Holidays and have a great Diversity Committee consisting of clients and staff that see to it that our rooms and halls are decorated for ALL holidays.

We have necessary therapy equipment per individual programs. If a client requires therapy, an Occupational or Physical therapist can come here and train our staff so therapy may be done here according to the individuals Person Centered Plan. We have a Freshening Room where all clients that require freshening are freshened as often as necessary throughout the day. We ask that lunches and a beverage be sent to the program. We have refrigerators and microwaves in each classroom.

All staff are MORC (Macomb Oakland Regional Center) Trained. We practice Gentle Teaching. We do not use restraints of any kind.  We believe in a culture of gentleness and practice this throughout our work as well as our personal lives.


Our Direct Care Staff are hired in through Expert Care Management?SERPEO Expert Care

We offer a standard 4:1 client to staff ratio at New Gateways, Inc. Enhanced Staffing may also be available if there is a need and funding is approved.

The staff at New Gateways, Inc. includes an Executive Director, an Administrative Assistant, a Program Supervisor, a Client Coordinator, a Health and Safety Supervisor/Gentle Teaching Mentor, Billing Specialist, Transportation Coordinator, Team Leaders, Program Instructors, Aides, and Volunteers. All of these employees will meet with you for various reasons; including helping you design your individual program plan, through a Person Centered Planning process, while attending New Gateways, Inc.

You will have daily contact with all of the above. They will assist you to attain your goals and objectives. They will keep track of your progress and offer you assistance and encouragement. They will also help you with any personal care you may need. You can select the Program Instructors that you wish to work with if they have available space in their classroom and have been trained in the program areas you choose. Volunteers will assist you in finding your way throughout the building and in securing your lunch and personal belongings.

The Program Supervisor is responsible for the daily operation of the facility and will ensure that you have an enjoyable and positive experience at New Gateways, Inc. Job descriptions for New Gateways staff are available, upon verbal or written request, from the Executive Director.


Admission Criteria

General Information

New Gateways is committed to the principles of equal opportunity. Individuals are served regardless of religion, race, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, height, weight, or marital status.

Our days and participant hours of operation are: Client Hours: Monday Friday, 8:00am-3:00pm. Administrative staff are available 7:00am-4:00pm.

You will receive an annual schedule listing of closures for the observance of holidays and staff development days. We are in operation 245 days year round.

Please send lunch and beverage marked with participants name. If necessary, we can heat pre-cooked items in the microwave.

Please provide personal items such as adult briefs and a full set of clothing for emergency use. Individual needs can be discussed with the Client Service coordinator at the intake. Please see to it that participants clothes are marked with their name.

Family members and/or caregivers are welcome to visit the program at any time. You do not need to make an appointment prior to the visit, unless you need to meet with a staff member. We request that all visitors sign in at the reception desk for record keeping purposes only. Administrative staff will escort visitors after they have signed in. You may be asked to show personal identification for security reasons.

We ask that you contact the main office if you are going to be absent. Please indicate the approximate length of time for your absence, if known. For prolonged absences, we recommend contacting your case manager.

Loose fitting clothing is suitable for general program activities and often preferred. Please keep in mind that our facility is air conditioned, so even on hot, humid days, you will be in a cool and comfortable environment. We often have spontaneous outings so if your client requires a special sun screen please list this on their Standing Medication order and keep sunscreen in their backpack. Any other medications, such as Motrin or Tylenol, can be locked in our medication cabinet. All medications require a signed Standing Medication Order and prescription from your Primary Care Physician and will need to be renewed annually. New Gateways, Inc. should be notified promptly of any medication changes.

All records regarding your program and personal information will be held confidential unless you or your legal guardian gives signed consent to release this information. You can contact the Client Services Coordinator or Program Supervisor if you want to access your personal record. Records are kept on file for 7 years. (See HIPAA Privacy Notice)

In the case of an emergency, severe seizures, accidents, choking, or anything that we feel could be life threatening, 911 is called. Please keep in mind that the ambulance companies will only take clients to the closest hospital. The decision to call 911 will be made by any of the following people, Executive Director, Program Supervisor, Client Coordinator, Team Leader, Administrative Assistant, Health and Safety Supervisor, or Program Instructors. One of these staff will then call the parent, guardian or care giver to advise them of the situation. In the event of minor injuries and/or illness, parent, guardian or caregiver will be called. Anytime a staff member is in doubt as to the severity of the illness or injury, 9ll will be called. AGAIN, WE ARE NOT A MEDICAL FACILITY AND CANNOT TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR MEDICAL DECISIONS.


Through sharing of information with families, care givers, case workers, funding sources, etc. we will assist individuals to acclimate to a new environment if discharge occurs. Discharge from New Gateways could happen for a variety of reasons, such as: you choose to leave the program, you may move away from the area, reliable transportation may no longer be available, recommendation of your program sponsor, in agreement with you, behavioral challenges, that endanger self or others, that we cannot accommodate, health issues that cannot be safely, accommodated at this facility, preference or readiness for a different or more challenging environment, such as a pre- vocational program, If a program participant is absent from program for more than 14 business days without valid documentation to excuse his/her absence, New Gateways, Inc. has the right to terminate services. If the absence is medically related, noted documentation is required. If a program participants medical condition changes and New Gateways, Inc. can no longer accommodate his/her medical needs, New Gateways, Inc. has the right to terminate services.r The decision would be made by New Gateways, Inc. after consulting with members of the Person Centered Planning team. (Revised 05/10/11).

Grievance Procedure (Refer to HIPAA Privacy Practices)

If you have concerns or complaints regarding alleged unfair treatment or program related problems, you may present your issues in the following manner:

If you are receiving services funded through Oakland County Community Mental Health Authority, you must use the grievance procedure outlined in the Mental Health Handbook.

If you have other funding sources or pay privately, please follow the procedure outlined below:

Every attempt should be made to resolve concerns and grievances through a meeting with New Gateways Administrative staff. If this does not result in a favorable outcome, you may use the following procedure. Please remember that you are welcome and entitled to have individuals and/or advocates accompany you in any meeting. Should you need an interpreter, please inform the Client Services Coordinator.

1 . Present problems or concerns to a Team Leader, who should resolve the issue(s) verbally within one (l) working day, if possible.

2. If there is no satisfactory resolution, contact the Program Supervisor and or the Client Services Coordinator who will respond verbally within one (l) working day.

3. If there is no satisfactory resolution contact the President/CEO who will respond within one (l) day. 248-538-7830 NOTE: President/CEO is available at anytime. Should you prefer to call the Executive Director first, feel free to do so.

4. If there is no satisfactory resolution contact the New Gateways Board of Directors.

5. Please remember you may contact the Oakland County Office of Recipient Rights at anytime, 1-877-744-4878.

Samantha Orvis, Carol Pitcher, Richard Edginton-Pitcher, Kim Rebh, Lynn Schabinger, Jeff Brown, Ida Murphy, Malcom Williams